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The ideal alternative to manually tracking customers and pets!
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29 July 2014

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The ideal alternative to manually tracking customers and pets! iMagic Kennel Reservation is a kennel reservation software system designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get on with running your business.

Pros: This application helps keep track of the kennels you own, reservations in each of them and rooms occupied etc like a hotel for pets. This also allows you to keep track of customers without an elaborate CRM system. Helps keep track of customers and repeat customers in particular. You can analyze reservation trends and amend/improve your work process easily. Rearranging reservations and room allocations are very easy to do. The analysis of data up to a year to date brings up trends quite clearly. It makes this easy with its reporting system. With just one click you can analyze trends, plot graphs and compare your performance year to date. Monitor the performance of your promotions and advertising quickly and easily. With the ability to identify repeat customers and the details in the customer database an efficient marketing tool can be created using the same. Creating personalized letters and mail merge capability you could create personalized letters/emails and promote special offers to valuable customers.

The program has been designed with kennels and catteries in mind. One can configure the application on starting up with inputs as to if it is a kennel or for cats. One can have multiple such establishments and some initial parameters like currency, post code , taxes details etc are entered. Reservation process is a simple set of steps. Enter date and time of arrival and departure, select the establishment, customer details, pet details ( here you can have a lot of relevant details such as pet notes, medical, food, picture and personality related details), payment details and then print out a confirmation. It is possible to create web bookings facility. Reports provide the means to analyze accumulated data and fine tune your promotional and other processes.

Cons: It is possible to traverse from page to page of the reservation process without entering any details at each stage. It will ensure that appropriate data is entered if this could be prevented.

Overall: Good features, ease of use and specific customization to the needs of pet hotels makes it a 3 star category product easily.

Publisher's description

Automate the reservation process easily for your dog boarding kennel or cattery with iMagic Kennel Reservation software! Put down the pen and paper and step into the 21st century with this breakthrough product in reservation management.
With its specialty in pet boarding, the iMagic kennel software simplifies the booking process so that you stay organized and have more time to attend to other aspects of your business. You will be amazed by the intuitiveness of the software and how quickly you can navigate between screens to place reservations. The reliable software prints out clear receipts at the end of the six-step process.
Keeping track of customers is easier than ever too. The unique software helps your daycare avoid double booking issues, organize payments and see at a glance which pets are booked in which kennels. There is even space for you to enter special notes about pet preferences and histories to offer premium customer service to increase your sales.
Plus, whenever you enter a new customer into the system they add automatically to the database. Want to check pet allergies or birth dates? It's easy to do as all of the information is now held in one central location.
iMagic kennel reservation software is sure to become your favorite marketing tool. Use it to send personalized letters to clients by mail merging the forms into your email or word processor. Also, use the reservation system to analyze trends or compare this year's performance to last year as you build your business. You'll save money too by not requiring a costly CRM program.
Affordable and highly intuitive, the iMagic Kennel Reservation management software works with your existing system and is easy to install. Explore how the program will help your pet boarding company with the reservation process and more by purchasing it today, or download a trial version here.
iMagic Kennel Reservation
iMagic Kennel Reservation
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